Secured Condos, working closely with 3D Security Services (, is the result of the past 5 years, working closely with many Condominiums and condominium professionals on Security Education and Awareness.


Our journey started when, as professional condominium managers, we noted a significant lack of education and awareness in the condominium industry when it came to protecting the residents and the property. At that time, we observed that security was almost totally reactive after a security incident and that there were not any experts that condominiums could turn to for advice. Instead of consulting with accredited security professionals, managers and board members were reduced to seeking advice from the same organizations that benefited from the approval of said advice (installers of cameras, security service providers, etc.). Getting an impartial review and audit of the existing security systems, as well as recommendations to mitigate the risk, was both time-consuming and complicated.

Hence, 3D Security Services was created. The goal of 3D Security Services was to increase security awareness through Security Audits and Risk Assessments for Condominiums. Towards that end, the team at 3D Security Services has completed many Threat and Risk Assessments, published many articles, and spoken at many condominium events. And we are pleased to see the industry gradually incorporating Pro-Active Security into their Operating Budgets, Financial Planning, and Reserve Fund Studies.

Secured Condominiums is the result of the past 5 years of security reviews and has been set up to address consistent (within the industry) vulnerabilities noted.

Secured Condominiums is an on-line platform that provides an economical alternative to condominiums who wish to tighten the security in their facility, as well as track on-going efforts. Accounts can be set up for Property Managers, Boards of Directors, Superintendents, concierges, cleaners, security professionals, etc.

Please e-mail us at [email protected] so we can discuss how we can help you better secure your condominium.


  • Ensure proper on-line (daily) reporting is available to security guards, superintendents and/or concierges.
  • Complete and store daily logs for cleaners and superintendents on-line.
  • Have access to professional incident report templates that can be stored on-line and reviewed if necessary.
  • Utilize the on-line booking platform to reserve amenities (NOW with COVID screening questions).
  • Track packages accepted by the building staff with a signature-required option for residents.
  • Track contractors in the building for review during receipt of invoices and to ensure that monthly inspections are being completed (NOW with COVID screening questions).
  • Quickly vet, authorize and track visitors to the property – usually utilized by condominiums with a guardhouse.
  • Register Lockboxes on the property and upload lockbox authorization form for ease of review.
  • Register Visitors in Visitor Parking (coming soon).